Jan 1st
2011 is here!!!
Wishing you a Happy New Year and hope this year ahead is all you have asked for.
Last year was such a great year, it will be hard to beat!!
As a new year comes it makes me even more thankful for all the blessings I have.
Among the top for this year:
  • a husband and marriage I feel honored to be in (I pinch myself often)
  • family, this includes the new
  • fantastic friends who are always there
  • wonderful jobs where I can be creative differently in each
  • Tank and Tiny who are the best dogs anyone could ask for
  • a lovely home and neighborhood where our new memories are created each day
  • a passion for cooking and larger pants size (well, don’t like second part)
  • my blog and the opportunity to share photos, food, my random thoughts..thank you for reading!