Sparkle Boots

Jan 2nd
Alright, I have given you info how to get your sparkle on for your fingers.
Now I have some info for your feet!!
Every since I watched Oprah’s Big Giveaway I have wanted the new seguin Uggs.
After being a little skeptical, I decided I am in LOVE.
(sidenote–very envious of those people who got to be on the show! very!)
The boots put Dorothy’s red shoes to shame….she is behind on the trends a little bit.
These would be a perfect way to turn lazy into fabulous, frumpy into glamorous….you get it right?
It’s a little too late for Santa, but maybe Cupid or Easter Bunny?
(if either of above is reading, I’d like silver or gold….just saying)
Classic Sparkles UGG Australia Boots
Photo from Oprah.