2012: Bucket List, Not Resolutions

Jan 2nd

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So….how was your New Year’s? Are you spending the day still nursing a headache? As much as I wish I could say things were crazy this year, we hosted a last-minute kid friendly gathering. It was the perfect way to ring in the New Year, plus I even rode a dirt bike in a maxi shirt. Keeping it classy here! I also so wish I had the day off today but owning/running a business is quite the full-time job, which is such a beautiful blessing.
I think it’s really easy to make and break resolutions. How many times have you said, “I’m going to workout more” or “Help others”, etc type of things? We usually do great the first month of the year and then it all goes away. One of my goals last year was to try and set resolutions throughout the year. I would give myself mini challenges and try to follow them. First of all, I have often a short attention span so the little bursts of challenges was great. Secondly, it was more fun. For those things I need to work on long-term like staying in better touch with friends, helping others and growing personally,I will keep trying! This thing called “life” (read here) keeps us all so busy!
So this year I have decided to work on certain things, but I have also come up with a Bucket List. My goal is to cross off as many things on this list by 2013 that I can. If you were to make a list, what would be on it?

1. Start a family

2. Finally get my knee fixed

3. Visit my sister and brother in Iowa (maybe twice)

4. Facetime/Call siblings once a week

5. Make homemade french onion soup

6. Dine outside of suburbia

7. Plan showers/celebrate best friend’s weddings

8. Feed the homeless

9. Read at least one book per month

10. Clean out my closet and donate clothes

11. Once a month girl’s night

12. Reunion with college friends

13. Go to Disneyland

14. Make cake pops

15. Appreciate something little every day

16. Send letters to friends instead of emails

17. Run 5 miles nonstop

18. Visit someplace I’ve never been

19. Express to someone how they make me feel as I never have

20. Take a tap dancing class

21. Plan a romantic getaway even if one night

22. Go horseback riding

23. Start learning Italian

24. Sing karaoke

25. Go to a concert

26. Ride a mechanical bull

27. Make homemade jam

28. Spend an evening on the beach watching the sunset

29. Enjoy one day without any phones, computers, etc.

30. Say “no” without feeling guilty

31. Go to Vegas and back in one night without a hotel room

32. Actually relax in a yoga class

33. Donate blood

34. Plant a garden

35. Spend one full day in bed with hubster (movies, pizza, pjs)

36. Change the blog (in the works)

37. Make fondue (chocolate or cheese)

38. Visit NYC

39. Make sushi

40. Tell hubster how blessed I am to be with him (this will be daily)