If I Had To Do Again….

Jan 4th
This time last year I was in full wedding mode, not to mention school mode.
Finding a dress, picking flowers, and sampling cake (so tough!)
And just thinking about the fun of planning makes me want to do it over again.
With the current husband of course…duh.
Interjected sidenote:
True story I thought we were not legally married and would have to do the ceremony again. Our papers were a little behind so everything ended up being fine, but I definitely played the whole thing again in my head.
Since I have a couple friends getting married and a couple I hope will be wearing bling soon,
I have designated myself personal finder of the following: dress, flowers, cake (so tough)
Looking online I saw these dresses and how much fun would these be!?
I can think of a different theme for each  one. Can I plan someone’s wedding please!?!
Jim Hjelm
Kenneth Pool

Angel Sanchez


Pnina Tornai

Oscar de la Renta with ivory guipure
Oscar de La Renta