Poppers o Heaven!

Jan 5th
Ok, for jalapeno and cheese lovers out there, this recipe is for you!
As mentioned before, for Christmas I got The Pioneer Woman cookbook. 
This was the first recipe I saw that I knew I HAD to make!! 
And I am so glad I did….so are those who sampled! 
This is an awesome recipe to feed big crowds watching a football game.
(insert point: tested on a group for the Rose Bowl)
All credit goes to Ree Drummond, but we tweaked things a little. 
I promise you will love these!!
You will need: 10 jalapenos, 12oz cream cheese, 8 oz shredded Cheddar cheese, 
your favorite BBQ sauce, honey, pack of bacon, 8 chopped green onions, 
pepper, salt, and toothpicks. Possibly lots of napkins! 
First you want to slice the jalapenos in half. 
Then combine the cream cheese, Cheddar cheese,
and chopped onions with a mixer. 
Place the jalapeno on a baking sheet and start stuffing!
Don’t be shy…the more the merrier!
On a note, I found using a knife was easier than a spoon. 
For the vegetarians out there, I’m sure these would be great! 
Baked them in the oven for a little bit .
If you are feeling extra guilty, possibly batter and fry!?!
Woaaaaah now! 
My meaty friends you continue here. 
Wrap a slice of bacon around each jalapeno. 
Make sure not to pull too tight or break the bacon. 
Also make sure to cover all the stuffing. 
Once wrapped stab with a toothpick to hold in place.
(Don’t jab yourself like I did…can’t say I didn’t warn)
Since hubster was monitoring this process and drooling, 
he thought it was important to salt and pepper the bacon. 
I agreed. 
Paint your favorite BBQ sauce on each popper. 
Why stop with the BBQ sauce?
Another addition…honey. 
Drizzle some honey on top of the sauce. 
This helped give a sweet and tangy flavor!!! 
Baked these bad boys in the oven at 375 until crispy.
(about 30minutes)
Take them out, flip, apply BBQ sauce and honey, and bake some more.
Make sure to cool a little before you eat…the cheese is caliente!!! 
And Ree Drummond…have I told you you’re my hero?
My husband’s too now!