Adorable Dresses!

Jan 6th
Being on the taller side, I tend to wear a lot of dresses.
For my long-limbed friends out there, you know the hassle of trying to find pants that are long.
And when they are long enough they are too big in the butt or waist.
It is really quite the dilemna….let me tell you!
So, because of the above reasons
(that went way too much into random detail of my shopping problems),
I LOVE dresses!!! 
Short, long, wavy, plain, colorful, strapless…you name it, I LOVE it.
A site I have become a fan of the past couple months for online browsing is ModCloth.
They specialize in indie and vintage clothing that is affordable and unqiue.
I have placed a couple below for your pleasure, but look at their site and let me know what you think!!
Masquerade Ball Dress
Masquerade Ball Dress $57.99
Jazz Ensemble Dress
Jazz Ensemble Dress $42.99
Gold Deposit Dress
Gold Deposit Dress $97.99
Celebration in Tinsel Town Dress
Celebration in Tinsel Town $89.99
Winter Whimsy Dress
Winter Whimsy Dress $44.99
Skyline Caverns Dress
Skyline Caverns Dress $52.99

Caramel Candy Dress
Carmel Candy Dress $69.99

A Time for Toasts Dress
A Time For Toasts Dress $139.99

Sunset Glory Dress
Sunset Glory Dress $44.99
Acoustic Ballad Dress
Acoustic Ballad Dress $74.99
Beauty at the Banquet Dress
Beauty at the Banquet $54.99
Lab Partner Dress
Lab Partner Dress $64.99