2013 Challenge

Jan 7th


I recently found some old quote journals I used to keep when I was in high school which brought back some fun inspiration. As we’re now a week into the New Year, I’ve decided not make 2013 about resolutions. Of course there’s always things I am working on but the whole “go to gym 5 times a week” thing usually fizzles by the end of the month. Instead I am starting a journal (or “note” on my phone) where each day I write down something I am thankful for. It could be something large, or it could be just a little something that makes me smile. Throughout the year it will be fun to look back on different memories that may brighten a down day or remind me how blessed I am. Want to join me? You can share if you’d like. Seriously, how fun will it on be December 31, 2013 to look back at so many wonderful moments for the past year?

Here’s the start of mine….

January 1- A lazy day spent watching college football games

January 2- A warm cup of green tea to soothe my cold

January 3- My dog Tank’s underbite

January 4- The new Stride gum flavor I tried today (green pack)

January 5- Learning how to jump a car thanks to my neighbor Regina

January 6- Staying up until 2am while my son had a dance party in my stomach