Retroize Your Kitchen

Jan 8th
First of all, I don’t know if “retroize” is a word, but I am making it one. And I like to make up words so this has officially been added to my collection. For those readers out there who may enjoying looking at food and eating, but don’t like to cook, I’ve got an idea on how to have some fun in the kitchen. RETROIZE!! I love looking around online for random things for the kitchen and found some fun stuff on Modcloth. Thought I would share the fun!! There’s got to be a little something fun for everyone in their kitchen!! A happy place! 

Chipster Clip Set 
Chipster Clip Set $7.99
Why save your chips with something boring instead of a mustache!?

Bed Fit For A Beverage Coaster Set
Bed Coaster Set $39.99
Keep a cold one on a bed coaster…random right?

100% Pure Pizza Plate
Pizza Plate $15.99
Why not have a slice on a slice?

Chilling Melody Ice Cube Tray
Melody Ice Cube Tray $9.99
You drink is so happy it will sing!!!

Sunny Submersible Ice Cube Set
Submarine Ice Cubes $5.99
How awesome are these!?! Battleships in a glass!!

Stachin' Bottles Corkscrew
Bottle Corkscrew $13.99
Why not have a couple of ‘staches’ in your kitchen?

Ripe and Ready Salt and Pepper Shakers
Salt and Pepper Shakers $39.99
Make your mother proud with fruit in the kitchen….little would she know.

Thirsty Birdie Bottle Opener
Thirty Bird Bottle Opener $9.99
Because having random stuff like this instead of regular openers is awesome!

Pole Dweller Ice Cream Scoop in Penguin
Ice Cream Scooper $12.99
I have an obsession with penguins and ice cream…match made in heaven!

Come Bear-ing Coasters Set
Come bear-ing Coaster Set $14.99
HAHAHA…this honestly made me laugh out loud

Single Slice of Cheese Board
Cutting Board $14.99
Even if you don’t cook and won’t use this is cute to have!