Oreo Cupcakes….Part Two

Jan 12th
Welcome to part two of the cupcakes series!!! 
Any adventurous folks make the Reese’s yet?
So at work I was telling my friend Jovian about my Reese’s cupcake. 
She, also Plums and Pearls blogger, told me about these!
Well of course I had to try!!
It would be rude not to right?
All you need is your favorite cupcake mix, frosting, and Oreos.
I made these with chocolate mix but would recommend vanilla.
Try either…they are yummy!

Place an Oreo on the bottom of each baking cup.

Combine all your mix ingredients. 

Mix away!!!

Pour your batter on top of each Oreo.
I recommend a little more than 3/4 of cup!
Bake according to your mix instructions.

Add vanilla frosting on top once cooled. 
Some crushed Oreos doesn’t hurt right!?!