Reese’s Cupcakes….Part One

Jan 12th
This cupcake post is a first of three. 
Let me give you a little back story on why I made these. 
Last week while on my way to work I had some car troubles. 
I ended up getting to the last of the shoulder right by 101/405. 
(Cali peeps, you know this is a scary spot to be stuck!)
While cars were zipping by I saw my life flash before me. 
And the whole while I thinking there’s so many things I want to try to make. 
And also being sweet deprived (limiting to one a week), I was thought of sugar.
Randomly I thought what would happen if I mixed my favorite candy and a cupcake.
What would happen if I put a Reese’s inside a cupcake.
Well, why wonder when I could try!!?!
Yes….I did survive my scary freeway experience. 
And let me tell you….these are amazing!!! 
I’m telling you Martha and Betty….watch out!!!
You will need your favorite cake mix, frosting and mini Reese’s.
Of course you can make cupcakes from scratch…..

Follow the instructions on the box. 
Pillsbury is eggs, oil, and water. 

Pour some batter in a your baking cup.
Push a Reese’s into the batter and cover it. 
Follow box instructions and bake away!

Once the cupcakes cool put some vanilla frosting on.
I crushed some peanut butter cups to put on top!!