Junior Mint Cupcakes…..Part Three

Jan 13th
We have made it to the final day of the cupcake series. 
Sorry…I will create more. 
While gathering my ingredients I saw Junior Mints. 
These goey chewy bite-sized treats would be perfect.
So away I tested and I must say they were scrumdillyumptious! 
And the coolest part?
There’s a site that I love to look through called Picky-Palate.
Yesterday I was looking through her desserts and I found she has made the same recipe!!!
I felt cool….not going to lie!!! 
She has fantastic meals and treats that everyone in the family will enjoy!
Make sure to check it out!!! 
All right you get the lineup….
Favorite mix, frosting, and Junior Mints. 

Make you batter!!! 
Taking a lick of the spoon when done never hurts. 

Pour the batter into the cups.
Add 3 Junior Mints.

Push them down so the batter covers them. 
Bake according to the mix.

Vanilla frosting was great with these!!
Add a couple Junior Mints of top for presentation! 
Martha….start running!