Dear Riley

Jan 13th

Dear Riley,

When I found out I was pregnant with you brother I started a list of things that I wanted to tell him. The moment I found out I was having a baby girl, I decided to do the same. To be completely honest, the thought of having a little girl has terrified me. I envisioned having another little boy as that’s what I know. But I saw your beautiful face in an ultrasound recently and I cannot wait to meet you. I’m so excited to have a daughter and just saying it out loud gives me chills. Of course the obligatory ballet class and obnoxious outfits are fun to think about, but even more so is having a life-long best girlfriend in you. From always having a mani-pedi date to helping guide you through times that are tough, I’m excited to grow together. As I have learned with your brother, you will teach me just as much as I can teach you, and I’m looking forward to our journey together. Counting down the moments until I can hold you in my arms and tell you just how much I already love you…..

I promise to tell you you’re beautiful everyday.
I’m excited to have a mani-pedi partner.
I hope you know your brother will always give you a hard time with boys.
I hope you know you will appreciate him giving you a hard time, eventually.
I promise to love you with all my heart.
I cannot wait to sip champagne and plan your wedding.
I hope you find a man to marry who stands besides you not in front.
I hope you learn when all else fails wear a little black dress.
I promise to monitor your clothing choices…we will clash but you will thank me.
I promise to teach you who Mr.Darcy is.
I cannot wait for your mandatory first dance class with a tutu.
I promise to show you how to cook, even just the basics.
I hope you never apologIze for saying “No”.
I hope to be an example of a hard-working woman.
I hope to be an example of a devoted wife.
I can’t wait for you to instruct me on style when you’re older.
I hope to be an example of a loving mother who’s children are her world, yet a working woman role model.
I hope you learn to splurge a little in life. You only live once.
I can’t promise I’ve been through it, but I’m always here for advice.
I hope you know there’s nothing wrong with Cup O Noodles.
I hope you learn music and dance parties make everything better.
I will teach you no prayer is ever too small or silly.
I hope your brother and dad teach you how boys should treat you.
I can’t wait for you to see how much I love you.
I will teach you not to go out with a guy who asks you via text.
I hope you know being smart is a beautiful thing.
I promise that inner beauty is the most beautiful quality to have.
I will teach you to know your self worth.
I hope to teach you to have a strong spirit, which others especially women will try to break.
I promise there’s a purpose in everything even if it doesn’t seem clear.
I can’t wait to take you to a ballet.
I will teach you be confident.
I hope you open your heart to goodness.
I hope you always keep the child in you alive.
I will teach you my favorite mascara is $4 Maybelline. Can’t go wrong.
I promise labor is worth every second no matter how long it may seem.
I can’t wait to see what a beautiful young woman you become.
I will teach you washing your face and sunscreen are your best tools.
I promise nothing lasts forever.
I hope you know not to settle for less than anything but chivalry.
I hope you want to swing just a little bit higher.
I can’t wait for our first glass of wine together.
I hope you learn to fight fair but you’re not afraid to fight.
I promise to teach you that being busy and success aren’t the same.
I hope you always take in the magic of a sunrise and a sunset.
I will teach you quality is better than quantity no matter how you apply.
I hope you learn to be true to yourself and no imitate but lead.
I can’t wait to listen to your adventures.
I hope you know bad hair days are inevitable.
I will teach you the value of yourself.
I hope you know your brother will be hard on you at times but it will make you stronger.
I will teach you that Ben & Jerry’s won’t solve heartbreak but will help mend a little.
I hope you stay in the bath until you get pruney.
I promise to respect you.
I hope you know you will fall in love many times.
I hope you don’t live your life through social media but actually live it.
I will teach you that your husband needs a wife not another mother.
One word. Nutella.
I hope you know you can always come home and I’m always here.
I will teach you there’s no such thing as perfect, which is ok.
I can’t wait to hear your first giggle.
I want you to know I’m a little bit scared having a girl.
I hope you know I will be up for a spa day anytime with you.
I promise to love you as my little princess forever.
I hope you know people can be mean but don’t be one of them.
I hope your first love is your father and always remains that way.
I can’t promise I’ll take as many picture of you as your brother but I will make you a baby book.
I hope you always tell the truth even if it’s hard to be honest.
I hope you strive to be the rainbow is someone’s cloud. (Maya Angelou)
I can’t wait to sit on the beach and watch the waves crash with you.
I hope you always keep a box of funfetti cake mix around for when I visit.
I promise not to cry too much the day you move out. This might be a lie.
I hope you know everyone experiences the ugly cry. It’s ok.
I can’t wait for us to go to tea together.
I will love you forever and you will always be my baby girl.