Carne Asada

Jan 15th
This was a last minute random little creation we came up with.
We were planning on having people over and feeding a big group.
The plans fell through a little bit but we had a big pack of carne asada we needed to use.
(**note—I’ve found that Costco carries the best!!)
Even though our menu of tacos was scratched, that was no reason not to have a meat party.
We decided to marinate the meat for a couple days.
Here’s what we did:
I can’t remember every spice that we put on but it was a random bunch.
So look in your cupboard and see what you’ve got.
Lemon pepper, seasoned salt, garlic salt, ground pepper,
cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper flakes….the more the merrier.
Sprinkle a little of each all over the meat and throw in a plastic bag!
Once the meat is in the bag, slice a white onion.
Throw it on it…won’t hurt.
We then squeezed the juice of 2 lemons and 2 limes in.
Poured half a can of beer.
(Coors Light to be exact)
Why not add some orange juice? Sure!
A splash did wonders!
Now let this sit for a day or two in the fridge!
When you are ready to have BBQ this juicy marinated bad boy!
The higher the heat the better!
I like carne asada best when the outside is a little crispy, then juicy inside!
I put some baked potatoes in the oven to have with.
Was the perfect meal!
Carne asada would also go great in a big BBQ salad!
Tacos are easy too!!