The Big Question

Jan 15th


The next big question is always looming.

When you get engaged the second you’re starting to enjoy some new bling on your finger there’s always someone quickly to ask, “When’s the date?” “Where’s the venue?” “How many in your bridal party?” Ummm, can j just finish my glass of champagne before I turn into bridezilla?

And then when you’re joyously sitting on the plane headed out on your honeymoon, the sweetest pair of old couples in from of you (who fun fact actually end up on your cruise and you have a drink and play Bingo with and somewhat hope you become lifelong pen pals with) ask “Oh when are you having kids?” Ok you four are absolutely adorable but seriously, I just threw the bouquet last night. Kids are way too much responsibility as you’re just trying to not lose your passport.

Oh and then my personal favorite. You’ve spend hours in labor, you have ice packs on your vagina and are completely exhausted having, you know just grown and birthed a human. As you’re laying in the hospital bed trying to comprehend how in the world this life came out of that small of a hole there’s that one person, and trust me there is for sure that one person, “He’s beautiful. When are you going to have more?” Seriously? I’m just marveling over fact I didn’t poop during my delivery as if you didn’t know that’s like an 80% chance. Please let me take that in first ok?


Sooooo yes inevitably within hours of having Riley, when actually when I was still pregnant, the questions of “When’s the next one?” Well, to quote my childhood chum Bugs Bunny “That’s all folks!” Shop is closed. Done. Finito. Adios!

We are complete as a family of four and I personally always liked man-to-man defense better than zone. We good.

So I’m going to savor and take in all of my last baby the next few months because my goodness it’s gone way too fast. The smells. The noises. The middle of the night cuddles. The wonder. The innocence. The chasing around from eating everything. It’s a beautiful stage sadly coming to a close and in those crazy moments I try to remember to breathe and take it all in.