Planet Blue

Jan 18th
One of my favorite stores is Planet Blue.
They also have a really fun blog that is fun to follow! 
Their stores are in Malibu, Westlake, Venice, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.
Planet Blue always has the most up to date style trends.
Their looks are so diverse and there is always something for everyone.
From tops, dresses, accessories, and shoes they have it all!!
Plus when you go into a store they are great at helping you put together ensembles.
To be honest, sometimes their price tag doesn’t work the best with the wallet.
BUT they are awesome at having sales in store and online!
Their blog always posts when the next one is coming.
I have done a little online shopping in their sale department
and have found some cute looks.
These are great for the gorgeous weather we are having!!
Does it not feel like summer!?!?
(I have these pants and I wear them a lot!)
(I have 2 furs coats and have been getting lots of compliments on!!
This is a fun piece to add to any outfit!!)
What’s your favorite look!!?