Lemon Seared Asparagus

Jan 20th
One of my favorite vegetables is asparagus!!!
(don’t worry broccoli, you’re still my number one)
I have become a big fan of cooking it in a pan.
The asparagus comes out a little crispy and goes great with any meat.
Here’s what I do!
Super simple!!
Get a bunch of asparagus and cut off the ends.

Heat a little bit of butter (I use Smart Balance) in a pan.

Once the butter is melted put the asparagus in.
I drizzled some lemon olive oil from The Olive Vineyard.
You can also use the juice of one lemon if you don’t have oils.

Occasionally flip the asparagus over.
Season with salt and pepper.

Once the asparagus is soft and seared a little you are done!
Was a delicious meal with my salmon!!