Big Boy Bed

Jan 20th

carter sleeping


So it’s been a big week in the Capretta household. Someone has moved into their big boy bed, which obviously calls for lots of sleep stalking photos. I’m so sorry in advance Carter for being a creeper. It’s not normal…

When I was pregnant with Carter we were in the process of searching for a new home so I didn’t really go through the “nesting” phase. I knew whatever I did we would be cleaning and moving shortly so there really wasn’t a point. But with this chick, I think the moment I peed on the stick “nesting” hit. The OCD planner in me reveled at the thought of being able to clean out and create a new space for the baby. Immediately I did the calculations on how far apart they would be and decided come January 2015 Carter would be moving into a big boy bed. To me it was silly to completely change a room already set for a baby with a crib, changing table, etc and was easier to get Carter set up in a new environment.

So thanks to a really design-gifted friend, I got this bed. We chose something he could use for a while rather than a toddler bed because again it felt silly to purchase something for such a short time of use. Plus the pullout option for occasional sleepovers with dad were a big selling point. It also helps keep his room feeling like a play space. Ok, you bored yet? You just want to know how it’s gone.

(**disclaimer: I’m TOTALLY jinxing myself with what I’m about to type out to the web universe right now**)

It’s been AMAZING. I couldn’t have imagined the transition going any better while all the wonderful horror stories people have enjoyed telling me about their children. The first night and second night I laid with him until he fell asleep for his naps and at night. To be honest it’s been such a beautiful experience for me too, just shutting down and laying with my little boy. I’ve learned to slow down and take in the precious moments with him as soon there will be another one, but more importantly the day he won’t fall asleep in my arms will come sooner than I realize.

In the morning he wakes up and loves to read his books in bed while I go get his milk. We then read together, talk about things (which is a whole other thing we can talk about…convos with my kid!? what!?) and enjoy starting the day. By the third night I left the room and since then (on night 8) he hasn’t gotten out. Sometimes he cries for a quick second but then he passes right out. He doesn’t get up in the middle of the night and even when he wakes up doesn’t get out. In fact, he’s sleeping longer in the bed than he was in his crib, which is hard to imagine because he’s been such a good sleeper from the beginning.

Anyways, there’s so many negative stories out there about the transition and I honestly was pretty freaked out about it. I’m living proof that it can be awesome and not pose any problems! (so far!) My absolute favorite is when I say it’s time for “night night” and he scurries up into bed, looks at me and says, “Mama. Bed. Books. Blankie.” It’s a summoning I will take any day of the week….