My Best Friend

Jan 24th
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to take a moment to introduce my friend to you.
Rather in the kitchen, they are my best friend.
Since coming into my life cooking has not been the same.
No longer do I spend 10 minutes finely chopping garlic and other items.
All the hard work is left to my friend.
If you don’t have a mini-chopper, may I suggest one?
It will be the best gift you can ever get yourself
(or receive from a wedding registry….either way works)
And now in honor of my friend, their own photoshoot.
They can do things “Lo” or “Hi”….how versatile!?

Those blades can chop to the finest of fine.

Call the media…I actually don’t mind working with garlic anymore!
Ahhh…look how hard and well it works.

Amazing….my life has forever changed.