Chicken Fajitas

Jan 25th
When the week gets really busy sometimes it is easiest to order take out. 
For the past couple weeks I have been goaling myself to cook even if I get home late. 
After working a long day the last thing I want to do is make a complicated dinner. 
Chicken fajitas are an easy go-to for me!
The are healthy, delicious, but most importantly take 10 minutes to put together!! 
You also don’t need too many ingredients which is a plus. 
If you are ever looking for meals to cook while entertaining these are great!!
Feeds a lot and is friendly on the wallet.
Here is what you need: Two bell peppers (I like any but green…looks prettier), 
one white onion, pack chicken breast (I like to use strips), cheddar cheese, 
Fajita seasoning packet, and tortillas! 
The first step is to slice the onion and peppers.
Once sliced, throw them in a pan with some olive oil. 

I like to slice my chicken breast prior to throwing in. 
This helps is to cook faster and more evenly. 
Cook the veggies and chicken together until pink in chicken gone.

While the chicken and veggies are cooking, shred some cheese. 
For my lazy friends out there (myself often included) you can just buy shredded cheese. 
And watch out for the grater….it can get ya.
(*note picture is not me shredding since I am afraid to used after it took a chunk of my thumb off)

Once the chicken is pretty much cooked throughout, add your seasoning. 
You can throw in some pepper if you’d like.
If you want to spice things up add a chopped jalapeno to the mix! 

Lower your heat and let all the flavors sit for a couple minutes. 

Throw your fajitas on a tortilla with some cheese and VOILA!
You can add some cilantro, sour cream, lettuce, etc if you want. 
I prefer just cheese and fajita mix!!