Conversations With Carter – Jan. 2016

Jan 26th

With a full-blown talking kid, it seems my toddler is slowly transitioning into a little boy. He’s just a few months shy of his 3rd birthday, cue breakdown, and I never want this stage to end. The wonder, the imagination, the sentences, the endless laughter…it’s all incredible. We (knock on wood) have not entered “terrible twos”, so we could be in for it when the clock strikes 3. Obviously we have our moments but he’s really such an awesome kid with the biggest heart.

True confession? The other night I was crying a little (we all have our moments) and Carter goes, “Mom you’re crying. Are you sad? Mom crying because you’re sad? (hops off the bench he’s on) It’s okay mom, I’ll give you a hug. Carter makes you feel better. Now you’re happy.” A new wave of tears came with the fact that he is so pure and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Don’t know how I got so lucky…

carter beach

Some of my favorite sayings these days:

“You crack me up mom.”

“Broccoli looks like a tree. Dinosaurs eat trees. I’m going to eat my broccoli.”

“Should I eat my boogers mom?” (as it’s dangling on his finger in my face)

“So silly. So silly guys.” (to Ryan and I when he’s laughing)

“Mom, I miss you so much when I was at school.”

“I’m so excited to go to Orange County and see dad.”

“Tank and Tiny are my favorite friends.”

“Watch out guys, there’s sharks in the water.” (in reference to every couch we sit on, be careful of the carpet)

“Riley is the baby monster.”

“After dinner, after bath, after Riley goes to sleep, we watch one show. Ok?”

(when you give him a meal) “Wow mom, you’re such a good cook. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm, my favorite.”

“You sit here. Dad sit there. Riley stay there.”

“That’s such a good idea.”

“I’m so excited to see all my friends at school. So much fun.”

“Mom, call dad. I’m pooping and I want to tell him. It’s a nasty poop.”

“Let’s make a video to send dad and say hi.”

(when I was dressed up to go out) “Wow mom, you look like Elsa.”

“Thanks so much for packing my lunch for school mom.” (everyday)

“When I want Riley’s toy, I give her a new one. Ok mom?”