Chicken Tacos

Feb 3rd
I am all about fast and simple meals.
When I got home around 9pm the other night I was strarving.
Tacos sounded delicious so I whipped some up!
This takes 10 minutes….MAX!!!
You will need: one chooped white onion, ground chicken (or turkey or beef),
1/2 packet Lawry’s taco seasoning, can of sweet corn,
tortillas of your liking (flour for me!), chopped lettuce, chopped tomato,
shredded cheese and a salsa of choice. 
Throw your onions in some olive oil and start to cook.
Add the meat of choice into the onions.

Combine the meat and the onions together.

When there is no pink left in the meat add your seasoning.

Lower the heat and throw in the can of corn.
Cook all together for a couple minutes.

Have your toppings station ready!
Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa verde!!

Warm a tortilla and build your taco!!