My Favorite Stage

Feb 3rd


The past 2 months have been so much fun with Carter. He’s transitioning from a baby into a little boy more and more every day. I’m starting to see such a little personality that’s so jovial it warms my heart. I wish I could bottle him up at this point forever, but photos and fun tidbits of my favorite things will have to suffice.

  • Laughing and smiling at himself in the mirror
  • Turning around then looking back in the mirror just to make sure he’s still there
  • The absolute cutest video of┬áCarter giggles
  • A deep inhale of a laugh that sounds like he’s choking
  • Insane new love of pasta and the slurping sound that comes with
  • A crazy independence of enjoying playing with himself
  • Never stops moving or exploring
  • The endless daily babbling, er talking, and how I feel like he’s wanting to tell a story
  • Always trying to find and play with the dogs
  • In reference to above, their dog beds are the new favorite spot to hang out
  • An innate intelligence of figuring things out like how to climb down the stairs
  • Eating water and talking to it during bath time
  • The hitch-step in his crawl that makes him turn into over-drive
  • Being able to share some meals
  • The “check-ins” when playing as he comes to give me a hug or just say ‘hi’
  • The cutest mischievous grin when he knows he’s not supposed to do something, then does
  • His new deep belly laugh that makes me want to cry it’s so amazing
  • No fear
  • The fact we can now take care rides and the screaming has been replaced with chatting
  • Lifting and putting everything above the head
  • Naked play time
  • Laughing each time we read ‘The Wonderful Sounds Mr. Brown Can Do”
  • The pensive look when trying to figure something out
  • Knowing when mom needs some extra cuddles even if for 5 seconds
  • Watching him sleep with his stuffed animal dog, the cuddling kills me


Each day just keeps getting better with this little man and I absolutely love being his mom. Such a blessing!