Chronicles of a First Married Roadtrip

Feb 15th
This is making me smile this week….
This past weekend I was taken by surprise.
We packed the car, loaded snacks and tunes,
and drove up PCH along the ocean.
After 3 hours we ended in the beach town Cayucos.
If you live in California…this is a must!!!
We spent the day is this quaint (word of trip) town.
Along with exploring candy stores and antique malls,
we had quite the culinary and beverage adventure.
We have done many roadtrips together,
but this was a first since being married.
Maybe it was the perfect weather, amazing food, or fantastic company….
but whatever it was I fell in love all over again.
I am going to take you along the highlights of our journey.
Along the way I’ll give some pointers for a roadtrip.
What I think is most important!!!
Of course share your favorite rules of the road!
Yes, a donut!
First stop is coffee, a donut (ok 2), and chocolate milk.
This is where I get to channel being 5 again!


The driving aka “Chillaxation” mix I made.
If you cannot see it’s “Summer Girls” by LFO.
Other favorites to belt out loud or
relax with windows down and the Pacific on the left?
Eagles, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and Train.


We stopped in San Simeon.
Ok well we drove past our destination…
For a very important reason! (see below)


Elephant seals!!!
Yes, it is mating season and there were thousands.
One of the craziest things I have ever seen!!
Slightly disturbing….


Roadtrip snacks are a must!!!
A little sweet, salty, and of course wine!
My fav go-to? Jalapeno Kettle chips! Yum!
Ok, and Gushers too….channeling 5 again?


Our adorable bed and breakfast.
Fireplace in the room….need I say more?


If you make it to Cayucos…stay here?
I will continue to show you how amazing it is!


Ahh…the antique malls.
SO exciting and overwhelming!
Where to even begin?
Among some other random things…may favorite purchases!
A cast iron skillet!! YAY! Need for some recipes I want to try!
A gorgeous cake knife.
A wine holder…shocking…which reads
“A day without wine is a day without sunshine.” 

Hung out at the local bar for quite a while.
Why not?


They were very considerate in the bathroom.
I was wearing some nice boots…


Brewsky and Margaritas….ya it was good.
The secret to their margie? A little pineapple juice.


Bonded with some locals.
Thought about going in the ocean but saw this sign.
Umm….#1 on the list stopped me.
Hello blanket on the beach in exchange for swim suit.
Ruddel’s Smokehouse is the “it” in town.
They were even featured on Bobby Flay’s show.


Choose from pork, white fish, or salmon.
Served with apples, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and their “sauce”.
Who doesn’t love a local candy store?
Hello taffy!!!
Their peanut butter ice cream was best I have ever had!
Had an amazing dinner at The Cass House.
They give 3 options for four different courses.
All the food is from local farmers and gardens.
Was a little worried, but was amazing….so fresh!


We came back to this at the end of the night.
The inn leaves cookies and milk by your bed.
Once again….heaven?


And they don’t stop there!
Breakfast was fantastic!
Apple-stuffed french toast.


Chile relleno!
Served in a little dining room with quaint tea cups.
(See I like that word!)


Yes, they have a tavern….well saloon to be exact.
With the swinging doors and all.
Why not continue to eat and try everything!?!
The Brown Butter Cookie Company is delicious!


They put sea salt on their cookies.
Yum….ok true confession eating one now.
We headed down the 1 and decided to stop in other towns.
First was Pismo Beach where we walked around a little bit.


Next stop was San Luis Obispo.
Besides shopping (ya for new boots, long dress and fur vest)
we decided to eat and grab a drink here too!
The wings with grilled onions and jalapeno on top were delish!
Ok….yes we stopped for a little wine tasting.
One of my favorite things to do!
The red or the white?


Took the final Syrah tasting along with Cayucos chocolates.
Yes, amazing.
Didn’t want to leave….did I mention 80 degree weather!?!


As soon as we hit Santa Barbara the fog rolled in.
We pulled off along the cliff to some old train tracks.


And this awesome bridge!!!
(that’s me!)


And to end our journey?
Some margaritas and the sampler platter at The Sandbar.
This is on State Street in Santa Barbara.
They have an amazing happy hour…
four drinks and platter…..$20!