Introducing “The Baby Goat”

Feb 15th
Well would you look at the time? Looks like it’s been a couple months since I have been around here. Well, the mix of moving into a new building with the business, holidays and three knee surgeries since the New Year, I have been a little busy. But I have been working on getting this new site ready just about a year after I started Mrs Capretta. I’m excited to introduce to you…..

 The Baby Goat

To keep it simple, visit here for a total explanation on the name change. I’ve been going back a forth for a couple months on a little makeover with the name and format. Since I first started I’ve learned a lot about the blogging world through fabulous sites, wonderful feedback and random inspirations coming to me while I’m in the shower. I went from just being all over the place to really narrowing my thoughts into what makes me smile the most, which really comes down to food, fashion and marriage. Of course traveling, home decor and finding the next best restaurant tickle my fancy as well.

I thank you as my reader for the support and positive motivation to keep doing what I’m doing. We’ve talked about a lot of marriage and romance  like what I learned my first year of marriage, how to “date your wife” and how to know they’re “the one.” Plus I’ve  fun sharing some of my favorite love quotes and marriage advice. And you’ve joined me in the kitchen as I have tested, and failed at, some of my own recipes as well as some from my favorite cooks. I learned to make homemade gnocchi, shrimp gazpacho, cinnamon rolls, jalapeno poppers, surprise cupcakes and so much more!! Plus I’ve been showing you a little inside my closet. From my favorite staples like flannel, maxi dresses and leopard to taking you inside my grandma’s jewelry box you’ve gotten to know a little bit about my style.

I’m so excited for this creative space to keep growing. I know there are so many blogs out there and I have enjoyed trying to show a little something different. As I go into the next phase of this journey what are some things that you have enjoyed reading? What has kept you coming back? Or what will keep you coming back? Please let me know as I would love to get some insight on how to only make it better.

I started this blog in quite the transition of life. Having just gotten married and just graduated college there was a lot of excitement going on. My life has been quite the adventure since and I really look forward to sharing the journey with you. Since the name change I’ve update my Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin’. Make sure to keep following along! Your support truly means everything to me!!!

xx Mrs C