Conversations With Carter (Feb Edition)

Feb 15th

This kid is pure comedy. The theme lately has been boogers, dinosaurs and manners.



“Sure is pretty chilly out”
“Sure is very foggy and cold. Make sure to pack a jacket.”
“Riley say, “Carter you did such a good job”
“Mom I’m so dirty at Disneyland.” (When he woke up from a nap)
“Slow down mom, you make my toys fall.” —while driving
“Mom I have a very important question. Please don’t put avocado on my eggs. On the other side. Thank you.”
“It’s an elevator. (What is?) My wiener. (Why?) because it’s a donkey.”
“when I see my animals at home they say “hi Carter. So proud you went to school.”
“Mom, speak up I need to hear your voice. Next Time you look me in the eyes and say loud.” –thank you Ms.Suze at school!!!
“Hello donkey horsey and duck” –while driving
“No way, get out of here” –when I told him we were going to see dad
“Mom when you tell me something you need to speak up and look into my eyes.”
“hmmmm this is a nice place” walking into a new building
“Wow guys I think I’m gonna like this.” Seeing a Red Vines package
“I’ve got a huge booger in my nose and I put it on my finger. It’s disgusting.”
“Here’s the problem guys. No dinner, just a lollipop.”
“guess what? I had the biggest booger and it was so big it looked like a raspberry. And other one was like a blueberry.”
“You going to be a naked girl?” –when I told him I had to go get my pajamas on
“If you look out the window you will see dinosaurs in the waters” –while driving around