Homemade Pasta

Feb 16th
I have continued to channel my inner-Italian. 
Once you have homemade pasta, it is hard to go back to the box. 
Wow, how food snobby have I become?
If I have the time I grab the eggs and flour and make my own. 
Surprisingly, it isn’t too hard. 
Of course I have Kitchenaid to thank for all the help!
Use one egg and one cup of flower per person.
A dash of salt and a dabble of olive oil.

Throw your egss in a mixer.
You can also use a hand held if you want!

Throw in your flour!
Hello olive oil and salt!
Mix away!

Meet your dough.
Make sure to use a lot of flour.

This is my heaven!
He makes life easy.
(You can knead, roll, and cut your own.)

I roll through and flatten.
You want it to be as thing as possible without breaking.

Then I use the cutting tool.
Spaghetti was the choice of the night.

Hang it up!!!
Bring a large pot of water to boil and throw in.
This cooks super fast so look out.
With olive oil and cheese, pesto sauce, or anything you like!