Closet Confessions: Feathers!!!

Feb 17th
Do you have a feather!?!
Before my recent roadtrip (see here) I got feather extensions.
Yes, my best friend continues to make my hair pretty.
This new addition to my locks has inspired my inner “hippie’.
I have always worn long dresses, boots, and funky jewelry,
but for some reason I feel inspired by my feather.
So weird…I know.
The feather lasts about a month and can be washed, curled, etc.
Send me a message if you want the info!!
Could stay here for days….

See my feather?!

Laughing at seals…you would if you saw!
Another closeup of the feather. 

Enjoying the moment of sun…beauty…and peace.
Boots: Chinese Laundry Pants: Soto Top: Love Culture