Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Feb 18th
Want to try something cheesey, meaty, and amazing!?!
I made Guy Fiere’s Pizza Dip and Oh My Goodness!!
This is a must make.
True crowd pleaser!!
You will be loved.
You will be hugged.
You will be thanked over and over.
I’ve taken pictures of my steps of making!!
Because I have OCD I like to get things “ready”.
This dip requires three parts so I chopped and assembled each.
(I know…I have been told I need help)
Part One–The Sauce

Part Two–The Cheese Layer

Part Three-Top Layer

For the sauce….start with cooking the onion, garlic, and red pepper.

Add the tomatoes!
This smells soooo good!!
Throw in spices and let the sauce simmer.
Simma down now!
(Sorry…had an urge to do that)

For the cheese layer….you combine everything needed in a bowl.
Mix, Mix, Mix!!!

You then put the cheesy layer on the bottom of a baking dish.
(oooo I doubled the recipe to serve a larger crowd)
This is for the top layer.
Cooking the pepperoni!
It will be tempting to eat these crispy bites….go ahead!

You combine mushrooms and bell pepper for the top layer!

Once your sauce has cooled, pour over the cheesy layer.
Sprinkle your top layer:
cooked pepperoni, peppers/mushrooms, and MORE cheese!!!

Baked for 20 minutes and VOILA!!
This is so delicious.
Thanks Guy!