Before Him….Round 2

Feb 18th

Before Him I Never…..

Before Him

Listened or heard of Van Morrison.

Experienced so much joy from another’s success.

Enjoyed simple silence that’s not awkward.

Ate Zots.

Laughed so hard I cried.

Read the Bible.

Been so irritated with laundry laying next to the hamper and not in.

Had a guy make me a playlist. August 1 is my favorite.

Smoked a cigar.

Knew what true happiness was.

Seen a Rocky or Karate Kid.

Have saw the Godfather, which is a problem in our marriage.

Been told how beautiful I was in sweatpants early in the morning.

Knew how to make pasta.

Traveled through Europe.

Been so excited to see a text pop up.

Knew what it was like to truly miss someone.


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