Garlic Knots

Feb 23rd
Bread + garlic + butter = HEAVEN
This recipe is from my aunt-in-law!
You will thank me and love her after you make!!
Normally (and the original recipe) calls for making your own dough.
Well my good friend Bauduccos (not really my friend) helps me out.
I go to the local Italian market and buy their dough.
You will thank me and love after you buy!!
Here’s what you need: dough, chopped garlic, melted butter,
olive oil and salt.
Throw your dough on some flour!
Lots of flour…no stickyness!

Roll out the dough into “logs”.
Cut and tie logs into knots.
Place on a lightly greased cookie sheet.
I sprinkle a little olive oil on top…doesn’t hurt.
Bake at 400 degress until golden brown. (couple minutes)
Once fresh out of the oven spread a mixture of
butter, garlic, and olive oil on top.
Sprinkle some salt if you would like!

Throw is a basket, on a platter, or straight in your mouth.
Whatever you decide…you will LOVE.