Closet Confessions

Feb 24th
I am asked a lot at work where I get my wardrobe.
Often times people are shocked when I tell them where or for how much.
Yes I LOVE the big names but not the price tag.
From boutique sales and vintage stores to TJ Maxx I tend get good finds. 
These weekly CLOSET CONFESSIONS will allow me to share!!!
I was inspired by some of my fav blogs like here, here, and here to do this!
Make sure to tell me what looks you like!
With colder weather coming and going I have been prepared.
These boots and my new fur jacket have been my favorites to wear!
I have a boot obsession and feel they go with anything.
On this sunny brisk day I headed out on a walk….

Boots: Aldo Dress: Alloy
Watch: Michael Kors Jacket: Vintage Store