Riley’s Birth Story

Mar 7th

Riley's Birth

I’m still having a hard time grasping the fact that I have a newborn baby girl. The past 48 hours feel like the most amazing dream.┬áLike I did with Carter, I wanted to recount her birth story from when I went into the hospital. So I hope you enjoy…

I checked in Wednesday March 4 at 8am to the hospital. I was all set to begin the induction to bring lil miss into the world! As I am getting hooked up and ready to go with pitocin, my doctor did a final ultrasound to make sure she was ready to go. I will never forget the look on my doctor’s face when he saw the monitor. Riley decided to completely turn and go breech with her head up as high as it could go, not down as it had been just the day before. The new few hours were a waiting game filled with so many emotions. There was talk about not having her that day, which I wanted because my doctor was leaving, and even the possibility of a c section. Well, luckily I was introduced to a version.

Ever heard of one? Until that morning I had no clue what a version was. It’s the process of doctors manually moving the baby back to proper position with head down. What!?! Ryan arrived just in time as I made the decision to go ahead and try to move Riley. I was given a shot to relax the uterus and completely freaked out with what was going to happen. Two doctors on either side rubbed a bunch of oil on my stomach and then well, started to move her. By looking at the ultrasound they were able to push and turn her back into position. It was the craziest experience and hurt really really bad. But it worked!!! And from there I was placed in a tight binder so she wouldn’t move.


From there the party started and it became a waiting game. Slowly the pitocin started to put me into labor. Around 4cm and very uncomfortable contractions, it was time to get the epidural. Thank goodness for the drugs my friends. The best. Ryan and I were the only ones at the hospital for this birth and it was weirdly romantic. We listened to music and talked for hours about Carter, what Riley would look like and of course per usual some business stuff. I will always look back and cherish this time we had together as it was so calming.

While in the same delivery room as when I had Carter, there were so many moments of deja vu. Mainly I quickly remembered how when it comes to birth you just have to get over yourself and your body becomes free reign. Random checks and people all up in ya become the norm and this time around I was weirdly comfortable and not affected at all. Around 6pm my water broke and then things started to pick up. Jump to 11pm and I was 6cm dilated and moving into active labor.

At 12:05am, and my friends I will never forget that time, my epidural wore off. Mind you contractions were coming in strong and it was going to be time to push soon. Holy pain! Oh my goodness! People who opt out are insanely impressive. And crazy. Thankfully by 12:30am the epidural kicked back in as I was 9.5cm. I told my nurse, who for the record was just awesome, that I felt like she was about to pop out. Sure enough my doctor comes in and three minutes later my baby girl was in my arms.


There are few words to fully capture these first moments. For 10 months I have wondered what she is going to look like, how big she will be and will it be love at first sight? This little girl has stolen my heart in ways I truly didn’t think would be possible as I have so much love for Carter. She is a spitting image of her brother with the most docile personality. (so far) We have heard her cry once and she loves to cuddle, which for Ryan and I is so difficult. Ya right!

Carter is already a fabulous big brother who likes to hold the baby. He checks in on her while she’s sleeping, helps bring me diapers and wipes, tries to share his trucks (aka throw them to her which we are watching VERY carefully). When he gets in his car seat he looks over, pats her seat and says “Riley sit.” I’m sure we will have our fair share of jealousy issues but as I fed her on one side this morning and he laid in my arms on the other I was so overwhelmed with love. We are so beyond blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children. I’m literally on a high of happiness!!!