Skillet Skirt Steak

Mar 10th

On a recent roadtrip, I bought a skillet.

This was so exciting…you have no idea!!


Since my favorite purchase of year

(well besides some boots)

we have been using it a lot!!!

This steak is one of my favorite creations from the skillet!!

If you have a skillet try it out….

If not, follow the recipe until putting in the oven.



Season your favorite steak.

Thanks to Costco we got a great deal on filet mignon.

And when I say season….season….anything works in my books!!


Heat up your skillet super hot.

Use a little bit of oil.

Throw those puppies on!!!




Ahh…looks so yummy!


Once cooked a little below your liking, throw in the oven.

For me….I prefer more well done.

For hubster….he prefers more “moo-ing”

Conflicted household? Add the more well done to skillet first.


Time for a little butter yummy sauce.

Melted butter and add oregano, garlic salt, and rosemary.

Smells delish!


Pour it on top of the steaks.

Love the sizzzzzzle.

Cook steaks for a little longer in oven.



Served with roasted potatoes and asparagus.

(click HERE for roasted veggies and HERE for asparagus)