Week in Review

Mar 11th


First on the list…welcome to the new MRS C.

In honor of the new blog we have our first giveaway.
Click here for all the details!!!

Winner will be picked on Monday!

Lady Primrose Necture Candle


I went to M. Cafe recently for Lobster’s Benedict.

They have an amazing menu, endless mimosas, and it’s gorgeous!

Look at this video I did on how to make their signature dish at home.

If you are in the area head down if you can with this Sunny weather.

You will thank me…seriously.

Where else can you play pool outside under a crystal chandelier.

The Malibu Cafe

The most exciting thing this week?

I cleaned out my entire closet and reorganized.

This was quite the labor of love and waaaaay overdue.

And miraculously things I “left at a hotel”, “lent and never got back”,

“gave away at the garage sale”, or “lost” were suddenly back in my closet.


If this doesn’t sound like a fun weekend plan, try a hike!

I went on one last weekend and it was so much fun.

View from weekend hike

While on one of my favorite sites Beso this week I saw some  amazing deals.

I happened to grab an awesome fure jacket (will share when arrives).

Besides some fantabulous shoe and accessory deals I came across this!

MAKEUP by Stilla.

I love their makeup but sometimes it is a little expensive.

This is a great deal with a color palet that goes with pretty much anything!

Stila $10 Deal
Craving a beer?
Sweet potato french fries?
How about chocolate crepes?
Then your answer is heading to Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie.
Their food is delicious and beers are like none other!
Plus they have wine on tap…..yep wine on tap!!
Check out my review on them.
Ladyface Blonde Ale & Sweet Potato Fries

And with that I bid a Happy Weekend farewell.

My plans?

Turning up the heat on the dance floor at a wedding tonight!!

(aka goal is not to look like a fool and be “that guest”)

And enjoying a roadtrip to Arizona, the sun, and potential outlet shopping!