March 5

Mar 17th

March 5, 2015. The day my world forever changed with the birth of my baby girl Riley. 

I was writing in my journal (this is the best gift ever!) the day I got home from the hospital with Riley. Since Carter was born I try to document a little something from each day and have since started a new book with Riley. After writing in the 2015 slot, I decided to see where I was exactly one year ago from her birth.

Chills went down my spine.

March 5, 2014. The day my world changed and I had to have a D&C with no heartbeat at 10.5 weeks.

To the day, one year later, my baby girl arrived. The exact day. How insane is that? Faith works in mysterious ways and this was such a sign to me. We may not always know the plan, know why things happen or don’t feel we understand at the time. I’ve never been more thankful for experiencing such heartache because I’m now on such a high and so blessed with my little girl.

You just never know what’s in store.

March 5


This post is dedicated to a beautiful friend going through a miscarriage. I hope my story brings you a spark of hope tonight….