Pregnancy Eating & Weight

Mar 18th

One of the luckiest blessings throughout  my pregnancy thus far has been having my dad be involved. If you didn’t meet him in this post, no worries…he’s back! He’s been a OBGYN for 40 years so I’m pretty sure he’s seen it all. There’s no question I can ask that will throw him off, plus it’s easier to reach him than calling my doctor. I know you’re wondering, so no he will not be doing the delivery, but yes will be right outside the door. There’s just some things I think a father and daughter shouldn’t experience together and what goes on below the sheet is one of those things. Awkward.

He’s been super helpful when it comes to pregnancy eating and weight gain so I thought I would share my experience and tips.

I’ve been really fortunate to have not gained a lot of weight so far. To be completely honest, I don’t know the exact amount. I told my doctor I didn’t want to know since I’ve struggled in the past with eating issues and I didn’t want to go crazy about the numbers on the scale. The best thing for me has been how I feel and fit in my clothes. 🙂 Weight gain varies for each individual based on your body type and how tall you are. I’m 6ft so the “healthy” amount according to my doctor to gain was anywhere from 30-45. Talk with your doctor for specifics. Sidenote, according to my dad the average woman leaves the hospital down 10-15 pounds (thanks to baby, fluids, etc) so I’m not totally freaking out anymore that I have two months to be ready for swimsuit season. Oh vey! Let’s keep the body butter coming….no stretch marks, no stretch marks… stretch marks!

I would attribute a healthy and steady weight gain to three factors. First, for a while about 75% of what went down came right back up. I actually lost a few pounds between months 3 and 5, but finally showed some gains at my 6 month appointment. (Not exactly on the healthy side) I’m giving the holidays filled with endless eating some credit on that one and the Super Bowl. (I hate basically a half Costco pizza and Mrs. Field’s cookie cake) Secondly, no matter how I have been feeling I’ve tried to consistently get 30 minutes of exercise in at least 6 days a week. Whether going on a walk or taking a yoga class, I’ve found it to be so important to keep up a healthy fitness regiment. It’s great for you and the baby! Lastly, when I first found out I was pregnant I remembered a tip my dad had told me….you really only need to eat 300 more calories a day. 300!? That’s it! Extra glass of OJ, maybe a donut (prob not healthiest) or power bar. It’s not a 10 month time to gorge and eat whatever you want because as he says “Once on your lips, forever on your hips.”

I wouldn’t necessarily say I have had “cravings” but fresh fruit always sounds amazing. From the morning until dinner I tend to be a big grazer eating small snacks frequently. As I have gotten farther along it’s been a little tough to have larger meals. Can we talk about how uncomfortable I feel when there’s a big plate full in my tummy?

The above picture is a sample of what I will consume until late afternoon. Here’s some of my favorites that are filling and healthy:

Breakfast: protein bars, whole wheat waffles with berries, Go Lean Crunch cereal, steel cut oatmeal

Fruits: Cuties, apple, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, watermelon, pineapple

Snacks: edamame, raisins, assorted nut pack, carrots & bell peppers with hummus, pita bread, pretzel slims, peanut butter sandwich

Water: goal is 5 liters minimum per day

Now keep in mind I am not perfect. I’ve definitely had my fair share of sweets or cheat days but for the most part I try to stick to healthy guidelines. True story? A few weekends ago we were pretty busy with work on the business and house so I decided it was approved to have 4 donuts in a 24-hour period. No judgement please. It was also a treat since I passed my gestational diabetes test. Maybe I should go in again now?

Anyways, hope this helps if your preggers! Don’t stress about gaining weight. Eat healthy, exercise and drink lots of water!