You Know You’re A Mom When…

Mar 19th

Little Money

You Know You’re A Mom When….

You have an audience going to the bathroom.
You don’t have time to be sick.
You blame all irrational crying on hormones.
You are your child’s favorite jungle gym.
You’re constantly hiding your phone.
You’ve had a necklace broken.
You fall asleep to repetitive children’s music songs in your head.
You have a new appreciation for dates night and a waiter.
You keep a pair of socks in your purse for play gyms.
You don’t remember what personal space is.
You’re beyond thankful for drive through Starbucks. Why can’t everything be drive through?
You just want to quit somedays.
You have multiple children’s books memorized.
You do more multitasking than a CEO.
Your glass of wine is the whole bottle.