Closet Confessions

Mar 23rd

SO this all started from painting……



For those who have never painted before let me give you some advice.

W and V….not straight lines.

We decided to make our guest room into a new office.

New paint, new furniture…no more dog smell!

I tried to surprise hubster and paint the whole room on my own.

Looked great at 12:30am!!!

But in the morning…..streaks!!!

This is where I learned W and V strokes, not in a straight line.

All said and done it looks awesome and I am super proud of the paint.

So proud I posted up in front of it last night as a backdrop for a photo shoot!

Pics of the final room to come!!!


TAAADAAAA….not smiling for some reason even though I am elated inside!
For the record this is a light grey….but looks blue!

A look at this outfit while on a lunch break….
I paired with THIS jacket!!!
Back to the room…..

SOOOOOOO exited for the furniture to come this week!!

There’s something about designing a room that is so much fun!

Stay tuned…..


Outfit: Dress: Cotton On, Boots: Wild Divas (seen here), Belt: Thrift Store, Leggings: Cotton On, Watch: Michael Kors