Costa Rican Poppers

Mar 24th
Alright are you ready for something crazy!?!?
This may sound insanely weird but it is a must try.
All the credit for this recipe goes to my brother Bryan.
He went to Costa Rica for a couple weeks and while there came up with this.
Seriously it’s amazing….
You will need a jalapeno, bananas, sour cream,
powdered sugar, brown sugar, milk and oil.


First step is to slice your jalapenos.
Leave the seeds if you want some extra spice!


Slice your bananas and add a little sour cream on top.


Place the jalapeno slices on top of the bananas.


Dip the “poppers” in milk then in a mix of
powdered sugar and brown sugar.

Heat a pan full of oil….make sure gets super hot.
Throw those poppers in!
Once golden brown flip….
Place them on a plate and let cool.
Sprinkle some powdered sugar on if you want.
(I found that cinnamon didn’t hurt either)
Use a toothpick and eat these little Costa Rican Poppers!!!