Pampering A New Mom

Mar 27th

When Carter was born we were blessed with so much love from family and friends. We had visitors galore, more cupcakes than I knew what to do with (obvi I ate them) and home cooked meals for a few weeks as we adjusted to our new lifestyle. The outpouring of kindness was more than we could have ever asked for. The other night I was thinking about some of my favorite things that would make a wonderful gift for a new mom, so I decided to throw some out there for ya in case you know anyone expecting soon. One tip if I may? Give the new family space and don’t be the lingering guest. Come in and say hi, maybe hold the new bundle for a minute, but then get out and don’t take it personal. The new family is adjusting and need their own time plus rest, not the feeling that they have to entertain visitors. Just some food for thought 🙂


  1. A Massage: Things can be a little hectic during the first weeks with a little one, not to mention mom’s body has been through the ringer between pregnancy and birth. A hour of relaxation and “mom-time” while working out the knots is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
  2. Coupon For Babysitting: Going to the store, getting her nails done and picking up dry cleaning can be a little challenging at first for a new mom. Get crafty and make her a little coupon book for a couple sessions of babysitting. This will allow mom to have a little “her” time as well.
  3. Meal Delivery Service: The worst thing a new mom needs is people hovering around during the first couple weeks. She’s exhausted and the last thing she wants to do is entertain. Many cities offer local meal delivery services or call her favorite Chinese restaurant to be delivered.
  4. Exercise Coupon on Deal Site: You know your inbox is flooded every morning with a new Groupon or Living Social for that trendy workout classes. Mom will want to be motivated to get in shape. Find a fun package and go together, your treat.
  5. Beauty Box Subscription: You’ve heard how hard it is to take a shower when you’re a new mom, right? Imagine putting makeup on! Monthly beauty box sample subscriptions have become quite the trend. Pamper mom with a little monthly surprise of sampling perfume, lip gloss and hair masks. Check out Birchbox, Goodebox and Target Beauty Box. It’s such an exciting treat!
  6. Books: Help mom start some new memories with her little one and put together a few classic children’s books for her to have. Make sure to include ‘I’ll Love You Forever’ and ‘The Night You Were Born.’ Warning, provide a box of tissues as well due to raging hormones.
  7. Netflix Subscription: Long nights of feedings can get a little monotonous and often reading books propels the heavy eye. Help mom stay awake with a subscription to catch up on all her favorite shows and movies. This was a lifesaver!
  8. Magazine Basket: It can feel as though you forget about what’s going on in the world once you have a baby. Make sure mom keeps up with the latest gossip, fashion trends and of course casserole recipes with an assortment basket of magazines.
  9. A Journal: Just like a wedding, birth and the first few months feel like a complete whirlwind. Did you really just go through that? A daily journal for mom to write little memories in is the perfect gift. Months later she’ll look back and love reading the first days her life was changed. Here’s a great one to buy.
  10. Home Date Night: Mom may not be comfortable to leave the baby quite yet, but it’s important for her to have time with her partner. Offer to bring in dinner, a movie and some wine! Allow her to enjoy an evening “off” knowing if anything goes wrong you’re right in the other room.

Do you have any favorite gifts you got as a new mom? Share!! IMG_4065