Move It! Monday

Mar 28th

Lunge into Chest Lift

Set Up:  Start with feet hip distance apart.

1. Step your right foot back into a Lunge position. You should have your legs in a 90 degree position. (keep your front knee on top of your ankle and NOT forward on your ankle joint.


2. With the strength of your back leg,  press back to center, and reach the right foot forward

3. Lift your chest up toward the sky allowing your upper back to extend, while drawing your abs inward and upward. Draw you shoulder blades downward as you reach your arms up, keep the neck supple.


4 Lower your arms,  bring the Right leg back into the Lunge and repeat (8- 12 and go to the left)

Try 8-12 repetitions each side

Calorie Burner!

You get  a lot of “bang for your buck” from this exercise.    You will work the leg muscles, bottom, abdominals and arms in this one exercise.  These movements will help increase your heart rate allowing you to burn off some of those weekend calories.  This week I want you to focus of the muscles your are working as you are executing the exercise. Think and feel as your move. Have a great week!




Photos by Sara Driscoll Photography