Fanny Pack Revival

Mar 29th

My fashion pick of the week?


 I was recounting with coworkers about traveling when I was younger.

We were “that family” that had matching fanny packs.

It’s true….I will find a picture one day to share.

I have to give my dad credit…these were quite handy.

Well fast forward a bit and enter a new era….

This embarassing, annoying, “what do I have to wear this” trend is back!

And I am not opposed to using one.

I think hubster may not walk with me….

These are my favorites I am seeing!

There are designer ones, but these are my my price bracket!

Would you rock the fanny pack?


Multi Sequin Fanny Pack

Black Sequin Fanny Pack

black sequin fanny pack

Leopard Sequin…Rawr

leopard sequin fanny pack

Recycled Leather

Recycled Leather Fashion Fanny Packs




DO pair the accessory with a clean silhouette

DON’T wear baggy t-shirts and shorts

DO accent a simple, girly dress with a sleek, belted fanny pack

DON’T wear your waist pouch in the center

DO instead of a clutch for no hassle late-night dancing