In The Kitchen: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Mar 30th

Not sure what to make for dinner?

Try breakfast!!!

I couldn’t decide what I was craving so I pulled out a go-to….

Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

In my books you can have breakfast anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Have you ever made breakfast for dinner?


You will need your favorite pancake mix, chocolate chips, and butter.

I have yet to find a homemade batter recipe I love….share if you have one!

Follow the instructions to make your batter.

When you are batter is fully mixed add your chocolate chips.

Add a milk chocolate and dark chocolate if you want to get crazy!!?!?!

Grease a pan with butter and cook away!!!

I love mine golden brown!

Throw some syrup, powdered sugar, fruit….whaveter you crave on top!