Pound Cake Poppers

Mar 31st

This is a fun and easy dessert to make!


Takes 15 minutes max.

Who doesn’t love pound cake & chocolate?

Tank and Tiny decided to help out!


You will need a frozen pound cake.

(Cheesecake works too!)

Lollipop sticks, chocolate squares, Hershey kisses, and sprinkles.

Cut the pound cake into squares.

Any size works….take your pick!

Tank enjoyed this process as one dropped to the floor.

He waiting anxiously for another one to drop.

Put some chocolate squares in a microwave safe bowl.

Tiny looks on and only wishes she could have some!

Add some Hershey Kisses for some extra sweetness!!

Microwave until soft.

While your chocolate is melting put a lollipop into each square.

Or rectangle….for those “shape police” out there.

Dip your pound cake into the melted chocolate.

Roll on a plate of sprinkles.

Or just sprinkle some sprinkles.

(lol..that made me laugh!)

Place on parchment paper and place in fridge to cool!