Move IT! Monday

Apr 4th

The Butt Lifter

Be sure to keep this Exercise in your “Ars”enal

Set up: 1st find a park bench, picnic table, kitchen counter or fence.

Stand with your feet parallel and hip distance apart.
Clasp your elbows and place them on the table.
Align you feet so that they are directly under your hips.
Bring one leg up, in line with the torso.  You should be a in straight line here.

Make sure both hips are facing the ground.  (the tendency is to rotate in the hips, so keep hips parallel to ground) Draw the abdominals inward and upward.

Movement: Keeping the thigh parallel to the ground, flex your foot as you bend the knee in, feel the hamstring and your engage.
Then, straighten the leg and point your toe.  Think about reaching long through the waistline and leg.  Repeat the movement 12 times

Stabilizing Leg: The leg you are standing on is also working.  Firm the outer hip of this leg (avoid sinking sideways into that hip) Keep the leg active by engaging the front and back of that leg.
Repeat exercise to the other let now.

Fit Tip:  This exercise can be done anywhere,  I have done this in my kitchen while cooking dinner, water boils a lot faster when you are moving.