Conversations With Carter — Almost 3

Apr 5th


It’s hard to believe in just a few weeks this guy will be three. To sound like a broken record, where did the time go? I’ve been having so much fun with him and he’s continued to develop into the funniest personality. These are some of my favorites sayings lately…..

Carter March 2016
  • “WHAT?! There’s flamingos in there?” — looking at a map at the zoo
  • “Maybe later on Wednesday Santa will bring me a Mickey car.”
  • “Hey mom guess what’s in my diaper? (what’s that Carter?) A special poop.”
  • Me: “Carter I missed you so much when you were at school.”
            C: “I know.”
  • Carter didn’t want Ryan to take him to bathroom.
            Me: “Why didn’t you want dad to take you potty.”
             C: “Because daddy looks like a hyena.”
  • Everyday when I pick him up:
             C: “What we gonna do mom?”
             Me: “Go home and take a nap”
             C: “Well, no actually maybe I’m not tired. I’m happy.”
  • “Hey mom, remember that time in Orange County with dad and my wiener hurting.”
  • Runs ahead to open the door for me and Riley. “it’s important we always open the door for ladies.”
  • Carter spills water on his shirt. “It’s ok. I can get a new one. No I’ll be naked and I wanna show Cami.”
  • While playing with Riley’s music toy…”It’s not working mom, I’m trying to turn on Adele.”
  • C: “Hey mom what animal goes hooonk hooonk”
            Me: “A goose.”
           Carter: “Great job mom”
  • Me: “If you read two books and brush your teeth then you can watch one show.”
             C: “Ohhhhhhhh (good 10sec) I understand. K let’s go.”
  • Carter goes downstairs and comes back up “I got 4 bars and an applesauce. I got pink, I got blue bar but wait mom I need to go back downstairs and get raisins.”
  • “mmmmmm yummy yummy in my tummy”
  • While driving In the car. “mom we need to take my pants off to get comfortable. I took my shoes and socks off. Can you get my pants?”
  • “Hey guys I will be right back. I will tip toe so I don’t wake Riley up. Don’t worry.”
  • “Mom, guess what? I’m going to miss you so much when I go to the farm with grace.”
  • “Hey dad, mom is my best friend.”
  • Me: “Carter I love you so much.”
            C: “Thank you.”