Closet Confessions–Sun & Blazer

Apr 7th

There is an interesting little story behind these outfit photos….

I was on my way to a hair cut (hence the messy bun)…

Then headed into work….

Hubster stopped by the house quick to grab something…

He said “Hey, I like your outfit. Want me to take photos?”

Is that not supportive or what?

So if he likes it then I must share was my decision!!!

Apologies for the squinty-sun-face-wrinkled forhead look.

Oh and for the messy bun hair…it was must prettier post appointment.

This outfit works for the office, going out, or running around town.

Versatility people…


Outfit: Jacket: WDNY, Shirt: Cecicio, Leggings: Target

Boots: Wild Divas, Bracelets: James Avery & MaddyNBella