Buena Vista Irish Coffee

Apr 8th

San Francisco!!

One of my favorite places to visit!!

From the streets of Haight & Ashbury to exploring Fisherman’s Wharf it’s AMAZING!

And what about the Italian food in North Beach?! YUM!!

Below is a random photo of me trying to bark like the seals on the pier.

Hence….”I’m barking over this drink.”


Well one of my favorite places to visit is The Buena Vista.

Have you ever been?

They are known around the universe (yep that’s right) for their Irish Coffee.

There’s a fun story of how it was created…read HERE.

The best part is watching the bartenders make a large line of them.

With the weather a little chilly this is what I am craving for today’s





2 tsp sugar
1 part Irish whiskey
2 parts hot coffee
Lightly whipped cream


Heat your mugs or glasses by rinsing them with hot water.

Pour the coffee in, stir in two sugar cubes until they dissolve.

Then add the whiskey.

Float the cream on top by pouring it over the back of a spoon. (look here)


Credit: David Sanger Photography