Week In Review

Apr 8th

Happy 251 Day Anniversary

Alright is this not the cutest doggie ever?

Looks like Tank when he is giving the “I am in trouble” aka guilty look.

Well this is where hubster doesn’t like that I admit this stuff.

(but I have warned him I am doing it to show he is so amazing!)

So you may have read that I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day.

If not…I don’t like the holiday one bit!!! We don’t celebrate.

Last week I was a little down about an issue with a friend.

Well count on the hubster to cheer me up!

Upon arriving at home there was a box with the cutest dog in it.

The card read: “Happy 251 Day Anniversary.”

Amazing right?

Made my week!!!

Jinky's Cafe Crepe

How amazing does this look?

Ya it was heavenly!

I went to Jinky’s Cafe for a review and LOVED the crepes!

Stayed tuned for it to come!!!

But in the meantime, you can enjoy some of my other stories.

If you are a fan of Mediterranean check out THIS new spot. OMG!

No lie, the best hummus I has ever had!!

And I headed to The Old Place for steak, clams (didn’t try), and beer!

This rustic restaurant is filled with lots of history!

Since it is rainy and cold I came up with Pizza Night.

It is the perfect idea for staying in and watching a movie.


Latigo Margaritas

OOOO….hello margarita!!!

You have seen my chronicled love of margaritas so why not have another picture.

I also set out this week to get the skinny on Latigo Kid margaritas!!

That review will also be in the horizon.

Feeling like a somewhat Mexican/Italian/Ethnic dish?

Try my Stuffed Peppers or Homemade Bruschetta.

Both keepers!!!

I love to use olive oil and vinegars from The Olive Vineyard.

For their suggestions of what to use check out this video.

Amanda Ply Rocking at Cafe Cordiale

On Wednesday night I went to see singer Amanda Ply perform at Cafe Cordiale.

Ok, seriously, she was BEYOND amazing!!!

Sounds just as good live as she does on her tracks which is not easy to do.

Plus she rocked this adorable dress that I totally want BTW!

Make sure to check her out…I’m telling you she will be HUGE!

So fun to see live!!!



And now for the “I feel so cool” news.

A couple months ago I got a tattoo!!!!

It is on my ring finger under my wedding ring so you can’t see it!

Sneaky sneaky.

This is something I always wanted to do when I got married.

And what does it say?

“Eterno” which is eternity in Italian.

This is what was engraved inside hubster’s late father’s ring.

I thought it was so beautiful and special….so I got inked!



Well, folks that’s it!

Have a great weekend!!!

Any fun plans?