Apr 8th

Date Yourself

What a difference a year makes huh? This is pre-baby and post-baby inspiration now.

Anyhoo, there are a million reasons why I am absolutely in love with my OBGYN. I could create a long list but that would bore you so I’ll spare you the details. However, there’s one thing I’d love to share and actually get your thoughts on if you’re a momma. So I don’t have to keep saying “my doctor” we shall call her D Fish. Yep, those are her initials so obviously that’s another reason I love her. Here we go….

At our appointment last month (so maybe 8 months-ish), D Fish did the per usual checkup tasks. After checking the heartbeat and seeing if he was head down in final decent for landing yet, she got a little serious. She started to explain to me that once he comes his doctor will be the pediatrician and I will continue to have some post-pardum checkups with her. While most people are excited, concerned and worried about the baby, all her attention was focused on me. Me? This was a little strange and caught me off guard to be honest.

D Fish said I was going to have to remember to “date myself.”

What she said was important was making sure that I take time for me. Whether it be going to the coffee shop for 30 minutes and reading a magazine or taking a long bath, I need to find 5-30 minutes a day for myself. Stopping. Breathing. Relaxing. Not worrying about cleaning the house. Not worrying about the baby. Not worrying about work for the business that needs to be done. Me time. Truly dating myself and enjoying those simple moments.

Now I’m sure many news moms out there are rolling their eyes thinking “ya, ok! good luck with that” and maybe you’re right. But I’m going to try. Between a new baby, still working full-time and keeping the household going things are going to be busy. I’m going to be exhausted. I’m going to want to breakdown I’m sure. I’m going to think that maybe I can’t do it all. This is all natural and what women for generations have been going through. Though having some little moments to look forward to each day when I can turn it off and find peace with myself I think are going to be really important.┬áD Fish’s goal is for me to keep my own identity and sense of self while adjusting to being a mom and continuing my role as a wife. You gotta just love her for mentioning it, caring enough and wanting to see me succeed in the new challenges of motherhood. Right?

So here’s my question….did you do this? I know I might not want to leave him at all during the day but I think it’s healthy for a little me time. Did you find not doing things for yourself caused issues? How did it help or hurt your marriage? I’m really interested in some feedback and convo here from fellow mamas!